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Bangladesh Television

Bangladesh Television (Bengali: বাংলাদেশ টেলিভিশন), also known by the acronym BTV, is the state-owned Television network in Bangladesh. It started broadcasting as Pakistan Television in what was then East Pakistan on 25 December 1964. It was renamed Bangladesh Television after the independence in 1971. Broadcasts in full colour started in 1980. About 2 million televisions receive transmissions from the network's 17 relay stations.[1] Bangladesh Television administrative building

BTV has a national channel which is broadcast from Dhaka. This transmission is relayed to the whole country via local relay stations in major cities of the country. There is also a regional station located in Chittagong which broadcasts local programmes in the evening. In the mid-1990s the national TV channel started to broadcast the news programs of BBC and CNN. In 2004, BTV started worldwide broadcasts through its satellite based branch, BTV World.

BTV is primarily financed through the television licence fees. Although it has produced many award-winning programmes, it has often been criticised for being the mouth-piece of the ruling government and their lack of quality entertaining programmes.[2]

Bangladesh Betar

Radio transmission in the region now forming Bangladesh started in Dhaka on December 16, 1939. Initially, the station was located in old Dhaka. Later, the station was relocated to Shahbag.From 1947, it was renamed as Radio Pakistan. It played an important role during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971. On March 26, 1971, the broadcasting center of Radio Pakistan was used to transmit a declaration of independence, which was picked up by a Japanese ship in the Chittagong Harbor and retransmitted. During the war, it was known as Swadhin Bangla Betar Kendra (Independent Bengal Radio Station). Because of heavy shelling, the station had to be relocated several times, and ultimately moved to Calcutta on May 25, from where it would broadcast until the end of the war. On December 6, it was renamed Bangladesh Betar.

Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information (Bengali: তথ্য মন্ত্রণালয়) (abbreviated as MoI) is a branch of the Government of Bangladesh is the apex body for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to information, broadcasting, the press and films in Bangladesh. It is responsible to release government information, media galleries, public domain and government unclassified non-scientific data to the public and international communities.[1][2]

The Ministry is responsible for all the press and broadcasting arm of the Bangladesh Government. The Bangladesh Film Censor Board is the other important body under this ministry being responsible for the regulation of motion pictures shown in Bangladesh.[3] The Minister of Information is Hasanul Haq Inu as of 2015.[4]

Message from Principal





Message from Principal


It is a matter of extreme pleasure and pride for me when I think that our institution Ahammad Uddin Shah Shishu Niketan School & College is being digitalized and it is moving to launch its website namely ‘’. These are the days of globalization and information technology and it is pleasing that our institution is going to share it.

Ahammad Uddin Shah Shishu Niketan School & College has already earned a good name and fame across the country by its brilliant achievements in different public examinations including other academic persuits. Now through its website it will enter into global network which will add a new dimension to its continuous success in the field of education.

In, fine I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to the Principal, Vice-principal and other members of the teaching and non-teaching staff through whose relentless co-operation and services the institutions has come upto this level and it is heading towards the higher ones.




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