Department of Chemistry

Introduction of the Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Department is one of the famous & renowned department in Government Nazimuddin College, Madaripur. From the very beginning of the establishment of Govt. Nazimuddin College in 1948, Chemistry was included as a subject for the Higher Secondary Level.. About two decades after its establishment, in 1966 B.Sc. (Pass) course was introduced & Chemistry was included. Honours Course in Chemistry was introduced in 2011. There are five post in this Department. All are very intellectual, sincere, dedicated & well educated teachers. There is one MLSS in this rich department.. There are 50 seats in Honours Course. The result of the Honours students is satisfactory. Class Room, laboratory & the seminar of Chemistry Department are very rich. But the number of Class room is not enough. Very soon we are going to establish a modern Multimedia Class Room for theory & practical classes.